The Best 7.5HP Air Compressors - Made in America

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What makes this the best compressor?

Engineered with parts made to run twice as hard. Less noise, breakdowns, maintenance. More pressure.

Heavy Duty Motor

Low-RPM of 1725

Stronger Pump

15HP Slowed to 7.5HP

American Made

Parts & Labor from USA

Longer Warrantees

1 Yr Unit, 2 Yr Pump, 5 Yr Motor

Free Shipping to 48 States

Our compressors ship for FREE to the continental US! Liftgate service for ground-level delivery available for $75. Call us for custom shipping rates to Canada and non-continental US. No international sales.

Our Compressors are #1

Champion 2-Stage 4 Piston V pump, Low 575RPM, 25.8CFM, 80 Gallon Vertical or Horizontal tank, mounted & pre-wired magnetic motor starter with built-in start-stop buttons, automatic tank drain, air cooled after cooler, full-size heavy duty 1725RPM motor. This compressor has a 15HP pump slowed down to 7.5HP, it is quiet, heavy duty & slow-turning. Made in the USA. Most Compressor brands take a 3 to 5 HP two-piston pump and speed it up to over 1000RPM, with a 3450 small frame motor... They run hot, loud, blow out head gaskets & pass a lot of oil. This large industrial series compressor will give you unsurpassed reliability by featuring a low-RPM speed compressor pump and electric motor to ensure a long, extended service life.

Quiet Operation

Your shop will feel more inviting without your noisy compressor in the background. Our customers are consistently amazed.

Heavy Duty

Using parts designed to take a heavier load guarantees you will always have maximum pressure.

Longer Lasting

We built the VRV-7-8 to last more than a lifetime, we built it to be passed on for generations.

Low Maintenance

Using top-quality parts means you won't be spending much on maintenance.


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