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We started Pacific Air Compressors almost 30 years ago, delivering high quality equipment with excellent service. Over the past 30 years, one of the top selling compressors has always been the 7.5 HP single phase air compressor. Up until a few years ago, all you could get from the manufacturers was a 5 HP compressor sped up to a 7.5 HP, running at its max RPM. The biggest complaint we heard from customers was that the compressor ran too loud, ran too hot made a lot of water and passed a lot of oil.

Three years ago, we thought “why not make the best 7.5 HP air compressor you could buy?”

To do this, we took a 15 HP, 4 piston, two stage cast iron pump and slowed it down to 7.5 HP. The pump only runs at 575 RPM, which makes it quite, runs cooler, doesn’t pass oil or produce high amounts of water. We added options to the compressor, including full size air-cooled after cooler, an automatic tank drain that doesn’t require power and start-stop buttons on the magnetic starter so that the customer doesn’t have to use their breaker to turn it on and off. On the vertical unit, we use a squat 80-gallon vertical tank with a ring-base. A standard 80-gallon tank would not work because the pump and motor are larger than a 5hp high speed pump, making ours not as tall and also not top heavy.

Since we have come out with this compressor, it has been a huge success with customers. We receive many compliments on how quiet and heavy duty it is for their needs, compared to what they had before. Our customers repeatedly have told us this is the “best air compressor they have ever bought”, leading us to the title of The Best 7.5 HP Air Compressor.


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We sell industrial air compressors, dryers, filter/elements, vacuum pumps, and parts for Arrow Pneumatic, Beko, Belair, Campbell Hausfeld, Champion, Curtis, Devilbiss, Gardner Denver, Hankison, Ingersoll Rand, Jenny, Kellogg, La-Man, LeRoi, Palatek, Quincy, Rolair, Sullivan, Wayne and many more.

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