Choose Your Compressor and Additional Equipment

Our compressor design is based around a 15HP pump slowed down to 7.5HP, it is quiet, heavy duty & slow-turning. Made in the USA. Most Compressor brands take a 3 to 5 HP two-piston pump and speed it up to over 1000RPM, with a 3450 small frame motor… They run hot, loud, blow out head gaskets & pass a lot of oil. We have configured 12 distinct variations of the best compressor to fit your specific needs. Choose from voltage, phase, and tank orientation. Once you have selected the best compressor for your needs, get the additional equipment you need, like an air dryer, mounting pads, installation hose, and maintenance kit.

The VRV-7-8 & HRV-7-8 are the BEST 7.5HP industrial air compressors available.

1-year complete unit, 2-year pump & 5-year motor warranty

Our air compressors ship for FREE within the continental US. Freight shipping charges apply to Canada & non-continental US deliveries. Canadian customers: call us at 888.483.4169 to place your order. No sales outside of the US & Canada, sorry.

You’re about to buy a Champion 2-Stage 4 Piston V-pump, 25.8CFM, full-size heavy duty 1725RPM motor geared down to 575RPM, 80-gallon Vertical or Horizontal tank, mounted & pre-wired magnetic motor starter with built-in start-stop buttons, automatic tank drain, and air cooled after cooler.

Our large industrial series compressors will give you unsurpassed reliability by featuring a low-RPM speed compressor pump and electric motor to ensure a long, extended service life.

Every air compressor is factory tested before shipping. Your compressor will arrive filled with oil and ready to run.